2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

Visit the storytelling corner and the Talbot Avenue Bridge pop-up museum panels. Listen to oral histories about the bridge and the communities it connects. Community storytellers will be identified by a star on their badges.

Visit the Kids’ Art Show and participate in a Community Art Project to adorn the bridge. Led by Bertie LoPicollo and Kate Elliot.

Write down a thought or memory about the bridge on a notecard at the Welcome Table and sign the commemorative banner.

Join the drum circle, led by David Fakunle and others.

Wave to passing trains and encourage them to “Give a Toot” for the bridge.

Meet and get to know neighbors from Lyttonsville, Rosemary Hills, and North Woodside.

Take a moment to stand in the middle of the bridge, where there is no “other side of the tracks”

3:00 — 4:00 p.m.
Introduction and Formal Program

Emcee: Rev. Dr. Ella Redfield, Pastor New Creation Church, Silver Spring

Washington Revels’ Jubilee Voices ensemble

Welcome and Opening Remarks by Rev. Dr. Ella Redfield

Libation Ceremony by David Fakunle

Reclaiming its Voice, Reclaiming its History

“The Bridge’s Voice” by Patricia Tyson

Memories of Lyttonsville and the Bridge
by Raymond Tyson and Robin Redfield, former residents of Lyttonsville

“Lyttonsville Living Legacy” by Charlotte Coffield

Musical Interlude performed by Jubilee Voices

Once Divided, Now Unites

“Connection, Cooperation and Harmony” by David Cox

“Shared Values” by Loretta Argrett

Remarks by County Executive Isiah Leggett

Musical Interlude performed by Lea

100 Years of Connecting Communities

Neighbors Greeting Neighbors by residents of Lyttonsville, Rosemary Hills, and North Woodside who hail from around the world

Musical Interlude performed by Lea

Pie Sharing Ceremony accompanied by music by Lea

Happy 100th Birthday, Talbot Bridge! by All

Closing remarks and announcements by Rev. Dr. Ella Redfield

“Talbot Avenue Bridge” performed by Jay Elvove

4:00 — 5:00 p.m.
Closing Ceremony

All are encouraged to stay for the Closing Ceremony, which will be in song, on foot, and over the bridge

Continuation of Bridge Celebration Activities

Neighbor Meet and Greet

Pie and Cake

Group Photo

Closing Ceremony led by Jubilee Voices

Learn more about our speakers, storytellers, and musical artists here.

Download a copy of our commemorative program book.