Mark your calendars!

Plans are underway to celebrate the Talbot Avenue Bridge’s 100th birthday later this year. The Lyttonsville History Committee held a planning meeting April 25 to begin work on marking this historic civil rights landmark’s centennial before it is demolished in 2019. The big date is Saturday September 22, 2018 starting at 2:00 p.m. (Rain date Saturday, Sept. 29).

The following planning committees were established:

  • Program Committee (general event planning)
  • Publicity Committee
  • Graphics Committee
  • Community Contacts and Outreach
  • Budget and Contribution Resources
  • Refreshments
  • Set-Up (logistics manager, event day coordination)

Watch this space for details on event dates and for information on how to volunteer and donate to make this a Silver Spring celebration to remember.

Coming soon: a link to contribute donations for event supplies, refreshments, etc.

For additional information on the event or to volunteer for one of our committees and for the event day, contact us at

Talbot Avenue Bridge Park pop-up, April 21, 2018. Photo by Alan Bowser.

1 thought on “Mark your calendars!”

  1. This will be a wonderful and historic event. Congratulations to all the women and men who made this possible, especially Ms. Patricia Tyson.


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